Welcome to The Fallen Angel Gallery

I’d Like to Tell You a Little Bit About Me & Welcome You to My Website.

I’m Laura Emerick, originally from Essex, living in the North East of England – in a little town called Consett, the only place I know that still has snow in April & sometimes May, but has some of the nicest people I’ve met!

I’m 32 years old, married & have three children, a teenage daughter & two boys, that couldn’t be more different from each other if they’d tried – they definitely keep me on my toes.

For many years I was a self taught Artist, spending hours in my own little world, taking the images in my mind & putting them on to paper, as well as taking people’s photos & turning them into sketched works of art.
It was always my dream to be a famous Artist, never realising how difficult it would be to make that dream come true – it was never an impossible dream, but it was one that was never going to feed my family or pay the rent, I had to get real & I had to do it fast, is it possible to have a job while staying true to yourself & actually wake up in the morning excited about the day ahead?
And that is where the idea for The Fallen Angel Gallery was born…

My ideas went from strength to strength, from the seed of adding my artwork to photo mugs, personalised coasters and unique bags, just to name a few. I went from adding my own artwork to personalised gifts to adding other’s artwork to products, for them to sell to their customers – the plan to add people’s photos to stuff didn’t even occur to me, it was just something else that fell into my lap & I love it.
With adding photos came Photoshop, I won’t lie, it scared the crap out of me, but I’m not one to be put off from obstacles, when I set my heart on it – so off I went to teach myself Photoshop, one day I was on there for 10 hours without moving from my seat, I’m sure at one point my family forgot what I looked like & that I was even there!

When I finally decided to create a personalised gift company, I had no idea what I was letting myself in for. I had never set up a business before, let alone ran one – it was a scary step, but it was one that I couldn’t wait to take, I was so excited that for 6 months I survived on 4 hours sleep, took my kids to school and worked around them for what seemed like 14 hour days, every day.


Why am I telling you this?


I think it’s important to know who you are buying from, to know that they are trustworthy & that your money, photos & most importantly your information is safe. There’s no worse feeling in the world than realising you have paid money to somebody and you have no idea where they are & how you can get your money back.   You should know that I never want to be known as a company that sells cheap personalised gifts, that’s not me, I want to be known for my quality photo gifts, my approachable manner & for my empathy. 
I’ve had children, I have a family, people that mean something to me & I’ve lost more loved ones that I’d like to count, it’s relevant that you know this, especially when a lot of my customers have lost people & pets that they love & they need to know that their requests will be dealt with, with the highest amount of sympathy & sincerity – that is a service that a website with a digital upload system can’t give you & to me that is the most important service that I can give to them.

It’s also vitally important that you know that when you send me a photo of your child to put on a personalised cushion for your Mum/Dad/Gran/Grandad that it’s safe, that it won’t be plastered all over the internet without your permission – in a fast paced world where business minds work at a million miles a minute, it is important that this is made clear, my customers & their trust in me is my main priority.
It’s also very important to me that you all know that when your details are entered into my website, that they are entirely safe & that your personal information will never be forwarded or sold on to any other individual or company – I can guarantee this, being the only person that works in my company.




If you have gotten this far without falling asleep then not only do you deserve a medal, but you deserve the warmest welcome here at The Fallen Angel Gallery, I’d be happy to help if you have any questions & queries or if there is anything that you don’t see on the website. There is a contact page link at the top right hand side of this page which will lead you to a contact form, email address, company address & telephone number.

I hope that stopping by at The Falling Angel Gallery has been a pleasurable experience so far & I look forward to seeing you again soon.


Laura Emerick

The Fallen Angel Gallery