People Love Personalised Gifts – It’s true!

More people are choosing the personalised gift option…

And The Fallen Angel Gallery wants to support that in the best way possible, so here is another post with advice about choosing the best photo gifts, printed to a high standard and by people who care.
Whether you choose to buy from The Fallen Angel Gallery or find another personalised gift company to buy from, The Fallen Angel Gallery wants to help you get the best photo gifts for your money.

It has recently came to my attention that people are selling personalised slates, photo mugs and many other custom printed products that just aren’t up to scratch. Don’t get me wrong I’m not here to pick holes in what people sell or don’t sell, but when good money is taken for a product, I get very upset when I see what people are actually receiving.

It’s very important when asked if something has been printed right, that I am open and honest in a decent way – I would not downgrade somebody’s work if a good job had been done.

Unfortunately in this trade you do get what you pay for and if Sally is printing from her spare bedroom with cheap ink and an uneven heatpress, the results will never be good, so for that reason I always recommend looking for a reputable printing company, one with a website, that is registered to trade and most importantly one who insured!


When we buy products we never think to ask if that company is insured, why?


Well, with the bigger companies we automatically know that they will be, Currys wouldn’t sell you a television without having liability insurance attached – every company has to, by law, have insurance in place.
So when you buy something from a ‘company’ that isn’t registered to trade, it’s almost like a massive banner over their heads stating “We do not have liability/product insurance.

There are many assumptions in place when we buy and I presume that the reason us, as consumers do this, is because we see a fully functioning professional website, there’s comtact details available, a telephone number, examples of work etc.

Some companies use mock up images (like me) to showcase their designs and products and that’s ok, if I was as good as David Bailey I would be a photographer and not a printer, I would rather print a photo mug 10 times to¬† make sure it is perfect than to send out something that isn’t worth the money that’s been paid for it.

Unfortunately some small time Sallys use mock ups to mask that their work isn’t quite upto scratch, which is where the reviews come in.
Look to see how many reviews the business you want to buy from has, read them, read what the customers have to say about their experience and that will give you a good indication as to how your experience will go.


Things do go wrong!


I’m not going to sit here and llie and say that I never print a bad personalised bag or that my photo slates don’t crack or go wrong – things go wrong, that’s just how it is – the difference is, a good printer and a great business person will never send out their mistakes, like I said earlier, I would rather print 10 photo mugs to get a perfect one than to send out something that was full of faults and not worth the money it cost to post it.

I use the best quality inks, printers and paper from Sawgrass – the biggest company in sublimation printing and sometimes things still go wrong, it just can’t be helped!

I have had many emails lately, which lead me to this blog, asking me advice on if these people’s items had been printed properly, what had gone wrong, can they get a refund etc, etc.
It’s against customer confidentiality to show the photos and images I’ve been shown, so I wont, but I will say this – If you receive a personalised gift and the photo does not look exactly the same as the one that you sent, quality and colouring, then it has not been done right.

It is the company’s responsibility to make sure that they supply you with a product, as advertised, if they haven’t or it reaches you broken or faulty, then you have the right to request a refund.




Look at the recommendations, I had a brilliant recommendation this week and it really does make all the difference when you’re questioning whether to buy from somebody or not. I’m very proud that the people who meet me like what I create and what I stand for, which is quite lucky as I love them too! Take a look here…