Everywhere you look these days there are personalised gifts companies competing for your attention and your business.

With companies such as Tesco and Asda jumping on the bandwagon, it could be enough to make us small businesses give up and shut our doors, but that will not happen here at The Fallen Angel Gallery and here is why…

As the owner of The Fallen Angel Gallery I accept that my opinion is only that, mine, that doesn’t mean that I can’t share it in the hope that it may show you a new perspective on not only business in general, but my business, how I work and why I bring something new to the personalised gift business.

               Let’s start with the products!


There are many suppliers of sublimation blanks not only in the UK but overseas, a lot of these blanks are standard blanks.

Sublimation printers only have the option to print on polyester material, the products available to us printers can be limited, low quality and low cost – that is not to say that there isn’t higher quality products available to us, they are more costly, sometimes having to be bought in bulk quantities, those products are worth it, very worth it.

Polyester fabric can be made to replicate a number of different fabrics, cotton, soft cotton, velvet, suede, silk and much more.

I cannot profess to know products every other company uses, but I have seen a few examples and I promised myself that The Fallen Angel Gallery would be different, that I would concentrate a large amount of time and effort into the products that I buy and supply.

Making sure that I can provide the highest quality products at an affordable cost, I’ve said it many times that The Fallen Angel Gallery will never sell cheap photo gifts, but the personalised gifts that are offered will be affordable and the best quality that they can be.

Even The Fallen Angel Gallery photo mugs are AAA grade, meaning that they are the highest quality, purest white that are available.

Having a great relationship with my suppliers means that I can offer you the newest products as soon as they are put up for sale, if it’s high quality and can make your photos look beautiful you will always find it here first.

The Fallen Angel Gallery does not have as much choice as other personalised gifts companies and there is a reason for that and the reason is simple…

If The Fallen Angel Gallery can’t provide you with photo gifts of the highest standards then I won’t print them, let alone advertise them.

Customer satisfaction is the most important thing to me and I would never send something to a customer that I wouldn’t want to receive myself.
I have bought a number of personalised gifts in the past and have paid high prices for them, only to look back now and realise that I was so wrapped up in seeing my own photos on things that I didn’t even notice the quality of the products that the photos were on.


           Would you believe…


That the Fallen Angel Gallery is cheaper than some of the major companies selling photo gifts?

Places like Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and many others charge a lot more than The Fallen Angel Gallery and they don’t even offer a personal customer to designer/printer service.

There’s no personal emails, no proofs to check over first, nothing!

And after all of that you also have to add and organise your photos yourself, which sometimes can be an enjoyable experience, but also time consuming and frustrating if you’re not a designer.

It will never make sense to me why people would pay a lot more for a personalised gift and have to do a majority of the printer’s job for them – that is not something that The Fallen Angel Gallery would ever expect a customer to do, it means a lot that you get a pleasurable, straight forward shopping experience.

      Coming soon!

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These newsletters will be sent once on a month and twice over the Christmas period, it would be lovely to have your support and I promise that your inbox won’t be filled with spammy emails and useless information.