Personalised Chalkboard Dad Mug & Coaster




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The Perfect Dad Mug is Here

and just in time for Father’s Day too!

This Dad mug can hold 4 of your most precious moments together as well as a personal message

Inspired by the old fashioned chalkboard, this design is most definitely timeless.

With the choice of creating a personalised photo mug from pictures of you both together

or you can mix it up and pictures of yourself, the kids, siblings – the possibilities are endless!

Be sure that no matter how many people buy the chalkboard Dad mug

they will never have one like yours, that’s the beauty of personalisation.

You can’t find it in the shops, you can personalise it however you like, knowing that it will be truly unique.

The world is going mad with personalised gifts right now, you can find them everywhere

The Fallen Angel Gallery can guarantee you an easy, great experience without costing the earth.

The Fallen Angel Gallery will never offer cheap gifts, but high quality affordable gifts

that you can treasure forever.

Anyone can pick a mug up from most High Street shops, the beauty of shopping with The Fallen Angel Gallery

is showing how much thought and effort has gone into picking your Dad gifts without having to say a word.

There’s also the added bonus of your gift looking a million dollars without the price tag.

If this style isn’t quite for you, The Fallen Angel Gallery has a whole range of personalised mugs to choose from

Ranging from only having to add one large photo to you being able to add several smaller pictures.

Do you only have photos from your mobile, that aren’t very good quality?

That’s ok too – these mugs don’t require a professional photographer’s photos to look amazing.

Lower quality images look just as beautiful too!



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