Personalised Dad Memorial Slate



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Personalised Dad Memorial Slate

Give someone you love the most wonderful gift of a Personalised Dad Memorial Slate

It’s never easy after losing the most important man in your life

Losing my Dad, even after 2 years, has been the hardest trial I’ve had to face.

The only comfort I have found is surrounding myself with photos of him at his happiest

and remembering every little detail about the times we shared together.

I want The Fallen Angel Gallery to be able to provide the same to comfort to others

Others that are also struggling in their grief and that are desperate to feel better

in any way, shape or form that they can.

Not only is this large slate made to last, it comes with beautiful, positive words to replace the usual morbid poems

That so many shops add to their memorial products.

Designed to highlight the good times rather than constantly reminding us of the loss that we feel.

With spiritual undertones and the space for your most favourite picture

This slate is precious enough as it is

Could you imagine adding your own photo too?

Even though the ones that we hold dearest are no longer here

it doesn’t mean that we want to forget them.

It brings us comfort to feel that they are still nearby.

I firmly believe that the people who love us will never truly leave us,

That they will always walk with us wherever we go.

Having been through that strong grief, I also hope that others going through the same grief

will find some small comfort in these timeless, Dad Memorial slates.

Measuring 20cm x 30cm in size, these memorial slates are the perfect focal piece

Wherever you decide to display it.

Mam/Gran/Grandad/Son/Daughter/Husband/Wife versions available, plus many more…


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