Grammar Mug


Grammar Mug

The grammar mug, for the human spellchecker in your life!

For the people who take pride in their grammar, the grammar mug says what every grammar nazi is thinking!

Don’t you just hate it when you’re writing fast, your fingers are trying to keep up with your brain and you hit the key without seeing that annoying typo?

Some people couldn’t care less and then there are the self confessed Grammar Nazis – They are all around us, shaking, waiting for us all to slip up, so that they can pounce and correct us. Because if they don’t, they will lose sleep over it and nobody wants that, right?

This tongue in cheek this novelty mug is sure to give that English Language loving, perfectionist in your life a laugh without causing offence.

It’s the perfect gift that will never go out of style, timeless and classy with an added twist of humour thrown in for good measure.


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