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Faux Leather Photo Keyring.

This Faux Leather Photo Keyring is a Really Special Gift at an Affordable Cost.

These Faux Leather photo keyrings are the closest thing to leather available right now!

The Fallen Angel Gallery is well known for using only the highest quality products to print on.

Using only the highest quality HD ink, your photos are printed to look bright and vibrant.

Also included is an image touch up, if you have contrast/lighting issues your photo will automatically be corrected.

This isn’t just a service where your photo is thrown on a keyring no matter what the quality is.

Only the highest quality keyrings leave the office, guaranteeing that you will love your personalised gift.

Quality control is an absolute must, with every photo passing through checked for suitability.

If your photo is not suitable, then you will be contacted and given a number of options to solve the situation.

Top tips for ensuring a perfect photo keyring with a fast dispatch:

Don’t send cropped close ups, there’s no chance of getting the photo on the keyring without losing a part of it.

Do send portrait and landscape style photos in, uncropped if possible. Cropping can always be done here, but not undone.

Don’t send square photos, unless you have a lot of background, as these won’t be a nice fit.

Don’t worry about mobile phone picture quality, as long as there is no blurring, they hold mobile photos really well!


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