Mini Photo Slates

Mini Photo Slates

Forget super sized personalised slates, the new super cute mini photo slates are what’s hot!

The Fallen Angel Gallery brings to you the new mini photo slates – approximately 10cm x 14cm in size, they’re small enough to go on your bedside cabinet, but big enough to love!

These slates are weighty, not flimsy. They also come with 2 little stands, ready to help you or your loved one showcase them straight away.

Whether it’s a personalised gift for your Mum, Nan, Brother or Best friend, you can’t go wrong!

Everyone has a favourite special photo, right?

Only printed in the highest quality HD inks, any photo can look amazing on these personalised photo slates.

With the larger photo slates it can be difficult to get a good quality product with mobile pictures, they really require photos taken by a real camera.

The mini slates can hold most mobile phone pictures without losing any quality, giving you excellent value for money.

The Fallen Angel Gallery customers have gone crazy for the new photo mini slates, with 100% perfect feedback, I cannot recommend this product enough.

There is also a special price when ordering 3, kind of like the DFS sale, it never ends!

Larger photo slates can be found here


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