No Fox Given Coaster



No Fox Given Coaster

The No Fox Given Coaster is the perfect gift to accompany the no fox given mug.

Some people like to believe that laughter is the best medicine in life, this no fox given coaster is definitely a great example.

This gorgeous, simple, but classy fox design is a refreshing change from the usual over crowded fox designs out there.

With a simple, fun design, you can get your message across without being offensive!

It really is a great gift for friends, family, co-workers and even neighbours (if you have that sort of relationship).

Paired up with the no fox given mug, they are a match make in heaven, like Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire!

Unique mugs are one of the most popular gifts on the market right now, loved by many.

When you’re not sure of a gift, a unique mug is guaranteed to be loved by whoever you’re buying for.

And what’s the best accessory to add with your custom mug? You guessed it a matching coaster!

If you haven’t seen the no fox given mug yet, you can find it here.


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