Panda Dream Affirmation Cushion



Panda Dream Affirmation Cushion

The panda dream affirmation cushion is a great motivational tool

Kids and adults alike love these cushion designs, the panda dream affirmation cushion is definitely a winner.

Do you know somebody that is struggling with health or mental health right now?

They’re in an endless anxiety cycle that you just want to do your best to help?

Or maybe it’s you that’s struggling and you want to cheer yourself up a little bit.

These super soft, large cushions are the ultimate comfort when you need a pick me up.

Their vibrant designs, soft feel and puffiness are not only comforting, but a beautiful addition to any room.

Available in 3 different styles and designs, you have a choice of which wording suits you best

As ever The Fallen Angel Gallery likes to accommodate where possible

To give you the option to add a few words of your own to the mix.

Just add it to the personalisation section with name and you can have something truly unique!

*Unfortunately The Fallen Angel Gallery does not add copyright wording to ay products.


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