Photo Messenger Bag



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Photo Messenger Bag

The Photo Messenger Bag – The Perfect Unique Accessory!

A photo messenger bag is a great option if you’re looking around for a new bag and can’t find one that catches your eye.

The beauty of these bags is that they are adaptable, just by adding your photo will make you love it.

With the bag flap measuring approximately 35cm x 25cm your photos will look spectacular!

Inside the bag are five zipped sections and two front pouches on the outside.

Not only does it have a carry handle it also comes included with a shoulder strap too.

Giving you the best of both worlds when moving from A to B.

These shoulder bags are constructed from waterproof fabric too, so no wet belongings!

At a rather large 36cm x 27cm in size, they make great school bags, perfect for books and other school accessories.

Too cool for school? Well then why not use it as a work bag, laptop bag or just a general day to day bag.

The messenger bags are popular with all age ranges not just kids.

With such a versatile look, they suit everyone and anyone.

The only problem that you should be having with this bag is deciding what photo you can put on it!


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