Silver Photo Necklace



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Silver Photo Necklace

This beautiful sterling silver photo necklace is a cut above the rest!

Complete with a delicate 1.5 sterling silver rolo chain, the silver photo necklace is perfection!

The Fallen Angel Gallery wants you to love these photo gifts, going the extra mile just for you.

Because the chain is sterling silver,you won’t be left with unsightly marks around your neck

It’s the perfect starter chain for that little girl that loves jewellery or for a present for Mum

In fact this photo necklace is perfect for any woman in your life that loves jewellery

It doesn’t matter if it’s a picture of your Grandma, Dad, Auntie or a pet, you can have any photo you like

The pendant is printed with high quality HD inks and the photo is guaranteed to last and without fading

This is no cheap alternative to other jewellery on the market, it’s the new big deal!

The only way to hold your photos close to your heart and keep your money in the bank.

Do you have a special chain and just want the pendant? That’s ok, I won’t be offended

All you have to do is – choose the option for a pendant only in the drop down box

Once you’ve added your photo to the uploader and paid, you can sit back and relax

That’s what The Fallen Angel Gallery is here for, to make your life easier, one photo at a time.


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