Unisex Baby Hat



Unisex Baby Hat

This unisex baby hat is simple yet stunning, perfect for that new little bundle of joy!

There’s so many baby hats out there, it can be so hard to choose a unisex baby hat that you like.

Luckily The Fallen Angel Gallery has thought of it all and designed this simple, yet class hat, just for you.

Like many others, I bought hundreds of baby hats for my children that never got worn

Either they were too small/big or they didn’t match any of the outfits that I wanted to dress my littles ones in.

With this very simple personalised unisex baby hat, it can be worn with pretty much any outfit.

It will match and add that extra special touch without being too over the top.

At an affordable cost, everybody can buy their babies something personalised without breaking the bank!

So whether you have a Daniel or a Dakota it doesn’t matter here!


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