Wild and Free Wall Banner



Wild and Free Wall Banner

The Wild and Free Wall Banner is Perfect for and Home

We all sometimes need a reminder to live life a little bit more, the wild and free wall banner does this.

We get stuck in the day to day routine of life, we get up, sort the kids, go to work, clean the house

Before we know it, that’s all we do, day in and day out.

Sometimes a positive quote that we can glance at from time to time, tells us that there’s more to life.

Shows us to stop treating ourselves as an afterthought and do something that makes us feel alive.

Remember that holiday that you always wanted to take, the places that you wanted go

It’s the little things that help remind us of those big things, the dreams that we forget.

With a choice of colours, blue, grey and purple, you can decide which one would look best on your wall.

Or why not make it the ultimate personalised gift and choose a completely different colour.

Just drop a request in the notes and your wish is our command!


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